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Two islands in love with each other


The village

Over the years, this fishing village has become a popular tourist destination. Nevertheless, it is a place where nature blends with local culture to create a unique experience. Small paths separate the huts and you can mingle with the friendly locals, who have small grocery shops selling basic necessities, drinks and tobacco. Small stalls sell fruit and doughnuts.

The sandbank

The Nosy Iranja sandbank links the two islands at high tide. It measures 1.2 km. This natural bridge of immaculate sand, surrounded by sparkling turquoise waters, offers an unforgettable experience for any visitor.
artisanat vannerie


If you’d like to take a souvenir of this island paradise home with you, there are plenty of local craft shops offering a wide range of items. Whether you’re looking for colourful pareos, woven baskets, hand-embroidered tablecloths or jewellery, these shops have it all. You’ll also find finely carved wooden statues, decorative objects and other souvenirs that capture the essence of Madagascar.

A timeless landscape

A pirogue trip to discover Nosy Iranja?



Nosy Iranja has fine white sand on every beach, a paradise setting with breathtaking views and crystal-clear turquoise waters. The water temperature varies between 25° and 29° Celsius.


Iranja is ideal for lovers of snorkelling and marine biodiversity. The water is clear and visibility is good. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you’re sure to come across a turtle and a few fish.

Scuba diving

There are numerous dive sites on Nosy Iranja, with the majority of dives taking place on the drop-off. Currently, in 2024, there is no diving centre on the island. Nosy Be’s diving centres and diving cruise organisers offer to take you there. Famous spots include :

Sud canyon drop-off

The maximum depth at this site is 30 metres. Reef sharks, schools of jacks and other pelagics can be seen here.

Roche Gaby

With depths of up to 70 metres, Roche Gaby offers a variety of experiences depending on your level. You’re likely to come across reef sharks and leopard sharks. Unfortunately, the coral on this site has been destroyed and is in a sorry state.

Green and hawksbill turtles

Nosy Iranja is a stopover for certain marine turtles that undertake an extraordinary journey across the oceans, guided by their ancestral instinct to find suitable nesting sites. Green and hawksbill turtles often travel thousands of kilometres from their feeding grounds to the coasts where they were hatched.



What to do in Nosy Iranja?

Walk on the sandbanks, visit the village, see the lighthouse, swim, snorkel, watch the sea turtles lay their eggs or the emergence of small turtles.


How long is the Nosy Iranja sandbank?

The sandbank linking the 2 islands of Nosy Iranja is 1.2 km long. It allows you to travel from one island to the other when the tide is high.


Is there scuba diving in Nosy Iranja?

There are many dive sites on Nosy Iranja, the majority of dives taking place on the drop off. At present, in 2024, there is no diving centre on the island, but Nosy Be diving centres and diving cruise organisers offer to take you there.