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Alove story

between two islands

Between land and sea,
A little off the coast,
Lurk two sublime islands,
In love with each ot

They love each other with an infinite love,
Joined by an arm of white sand
By day and by night,
Appears for the time of a song.

Nature alone conducts the orchestra
Of an ensemble with perfect rhythm
Sets the stage for the obvious story
Of a love torn apart
Where the sea withdraws
Leaving the two lovers to unite,
And then returns in chorus
Separating the soul mates.

The largest of the islands,
Has a lighthouse.
That stands tall and tall,
In its cloak of black iron
A guide for sailors,
A light for the lost.
A guardian and witness
Of forgotten memories,
But also and above all,
He is the watchman of a mad love

Men and women
Busy in the village,
Stretching along a magnificent beach
Every day they welcome
Travellers from elsewhere
Eager to meet
These two islands, these two sisters,
Whose incredible beauty
Their incredible beauty

The birds, the turtles
And of course the fishermen,
Become the messengers,
The angelic bearers,
Of unspoken words of love
That each island whispers
And whose foam comes to deposit
Like a caress, the whispers
Secret messages
On the azure shores

Nosy Iranja the Eternal
Among the most beautiful pearls
A veritable treasure under the open sky,
Symbol of a love between two lands
Forming a whole with the Universe
It fills every being with wonder, even the oldest,
And rekindles the most extinguished of hearts